CAL&C is governed by a Board of twelve directors who bring their skills, talents and expertise to improve knowledge and mutual understanding between the peoples and governments of Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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mariavictorMaría Páez Victor, MA (Canterbury) , PhD (York), Chair of the Board.
mpaez [at]
María is a Canadian sociologist born in Venezuela with expertise in policy analysis in environment, development and health. She is the author of a book on the War of Independence in South America,  “Liberty or Death!  – the life and campaigns of Richard L. Vowell, British legionnaire and commander, hero and patriot of the Americas” (Tattered Flag, UK, 2013)” and has numerous publications in journals and internet on political issues in Latin America.
beatrizBeatriz Santiago, Treasurer of the Board. 
bsantiago [at]
Beatriz is a Venezuelan born teacher living in Toronto, Canada. She has a Bachelor Education Degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and is a member of the Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (LACSN), ALBA Movements and Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel, that support social movements and progressive governments in Latin American. She is the host of the radio show “Venezuela Viva” in Voces Latinas.
montanerCarles Muntaner MD, PhD, MHS.
cmuntaner [at]
Carles is Professor of Nursing, Public Health and Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Work and Health, the Keenan Research Center at St Michaels Hospital and the Center for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto and with the Department of Mental Health, at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in Baltimore. As a founding member of the GREDS/EMCONET research group he is also currently appointed at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
armandoArmando Sánchez. 
asanchez [at]
Armando is a Civil and Environmental Engineer with extensive experience in strategic environmental/climate change programs. He is also a social and climate change activist, and runs a blog focused on social, political and economic issues in Latin America.
jorgeJorge Sorger, Ph D. 
jsorger [at]
Jorge is a Ph D in Microbiology y Genetics from Yale University. He is a Venezuelan bolivarian activist.
franciscoFrancisco Suarez. M.S. Educator. 
fsuarez [at]
Francisco’s professional and personal experience has taught him that well informed studies about what Latin American progressive processes offer to the international community, are most needed. As an educator who has taught in both sides across the Atlantic, and as a 2008 financial crash survivor of sorts, he is convinced Canadian Latin America & Caribbean Policy Centre will provide tools to both: Canada and Latin American and The Caribbean, paving a broad way towards mutual understandings the international community desperately requests..
Alma Weinstein. 
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Alma is an Uruguayan teacher who emigrated to Canada and has taught Spanish at Toronto School Board. She is very active in the Latin American community.
josegonzalezJosé González 
jgonzalez [at]
José is a poet, visual artist and a passionate lover of resistant art and culture. He organizes social justice events and international solidarity. He is also an educator from standard classrooms to social, real life. He has participated in several literary events such as The First International Festival of Poetry of Resistance.
Juan Carranza 
jcarranza [at]
Juan Valencia 
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 Asad Ismi 
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Asad Ismi is an award-winning journalist and documentary maker. He is  international affairs correspondent for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Monitor which is Canada’s biggest left-wing magazine by circulation. He is author of many publications on Latin America, and Canadian and U.S. policy towards the region, including the anthology The Latin American Revolution (2016) and the radio documentary with the same title (2010) which has been aired on 40 radio stations in Canada, the U.S. and Europe reaching 33 million listeners. He is also author of three editions of the book Profiting from Repression: Canadian Investment in and Trade with Colombia (2012). For his publications visit