The Canadian, Latin American & Caribbean Policy Centre (CAL&C), together with the Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (LACSN), Casa Salvador Allende, Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel, among other organizations representing Canadians, Latin-Americans and Caribbean communities in Canada, its provinces and territories, strongly demands the Government of Justin Trudeau to step aside from its Foreign Policy towards Latin American and The Caribbean based on the draconian Doctrine Monroe, and drastically change its approach towards the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, by rejecting the US failed policy of “regime change” and supporting the negotiation process between the Venezuelan Government and its opposition currently underway in the Dominican Republic with the mediation of President Danilo Medina and Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, as well as Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

For several months, the Venezuelan extreme right, with the support of the Trump Administration and the Republican Party, particularly the Tea Party Senator Marco Rubio, perpetrated violent and terrorist acts against all Venezuelan citizens. In deplorable actions never seen in contemporary Venezuela, dozens of poor and colored people were burned alive by opposition groups because they resemble “chavistas” supporters, in what it is considered in international law as “hate crimes”.

In these terrible circumstances, the Venezuelan people went to the ballots and elected the National Constitutional Assembly, with a record of more than 8 million votes, putting an end to the cycle of violence. At the same time, these results represented an opportunity for the moderate political parties of the opposition to assume control of its coalition in detriment of the extreme right, and reorient its policies towards democratic means to gain power, as it has always been in Venezuela for the last 20 years. Their first announcement was to confirm its participation in the upcoming regional elections of October 15th.

This week, the Government of President Nicolas Maduro and the moderate opposition gave a huge step towards peace in Venezuela, as they met for two days in Dominican Republic, with a second round of talks scheduled for September 27th. Several Latin American and Caribbean countries have supported this process, even the USA has made statements in support of this dialogue, but not, Canada.

Changing paths from violence and terror to democracy and institutional order is not part of the US regime change policy. After the application of unilateral economic sanctions against the Venezuelan people, violating international law, and with the support of Canada, the US government is using the OAS and its puppet Secretary General Luis Almagro, to initiate a process to condemn the Venezuelan Government of “crimes against humanity” at The Hague.

In a shameful demonstration of ignorance and submission to the US government, the Canadian Government not only ignored the negotiation process underway in Dominican Republic, but “applauded” this ludicrous US initiative.

During all the months of violence and terror in Venezuela, the Trudeau Government always took sides with the extreme-right opposition. Even when “chavistas” were burned alive and beheaded in the street of Caracas by terrorist mobs under the command of Voluntad Popular party of Leopoldo Lopez, the most radical in the country, it remained silence.

And now, when it has the opportunity to redeem itself and raised its voice in favour of peace, dialogue and reconciliation, as identified Canadian values, the Trudeau Government continues supporting the radical ideas from the Trump Administration, in disregard to the major roles Canada has played in the past to maintain international peace, through Lester B. Pearson (who laid the foundations of the UN), Pierre Trudeau (who did not bow to the US during the Cold War and always maintained relations with China and Cuba) and Jean Chretien (who refused to go to the invasion of Iraq because the Canadian Intelligence Agency told him that there was no evidence of massive weapons).

In times that call for greatness, it is not possible that the Canadian Government continues following the radical and undemocratic policies of Donald Trump, the most erratic president that country has had.

September 18th, 2017